About Us

We are EcoLearner Inc, a group of college students who are passionate about revamping nutrition education through gamified learning that engages students and minimizes a teacher’s workload.

Underutilized food oases...

In the spring of 2019, we visited a beautiful urban farm called The Growing Experience located in Long Beach, CA. The farm is nestled in the middle of low-income housing projects, which tend to have disproportionately higher rates of obesity and diabetes. Eating healthy can prevent such diseases; however the produce from the Growing Experience isn’t eaten by the local neighborhood. When we asked why, director Yancy Comins replied that unless you grow up with healthy food, you don’t tend to choose healthy food later in life. The healthy food that is grown in and around Los Angeles is not reaching everyone. How do we encourage young people to choose healthy food when it is available? Studies show that a lack of knowledge is three times more responsible for nutrition disparity than actual access to fresh produce, and that nutrition education could be a powerful tool to close this gap. When we learned this, we became inspired to create nutrition education that actually sticks and that students can apply to their lives.