Our Team

University Students Passionate About Nutrition Education

CEO & Co-Founder

Connie Zhang

Connie has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Columbia University and is currently a Computer Science PhD student at USC Viterbi. She has a passion for multi-system robotics and social-good oriented applications of technology. She is also an avid birdwatcher and artist.

CFO & Co-Founder

Greg Bishop

Greg is a sophomore studying Biomedical Engineering at USC Viterbi, and is the CFO of Ecolearner Inc. He is passionate about building businesses that improve the lives of people.

Product Manager & Co-Founder

Neha Yadav

Neha is an undergraduate sophomore majoring in Biomedical Engineering at USC. She is extremely passionate about social justice issues, especially with regards to equal access to education and health technology, and loves reading and road tripping with her family!

VP of Research

Simone Wall

Simone is a Biomedical Engineering student at Duke University, with a passion for increasing access to healthcare and wellness, both in the United States and worldwide. In her free time, she enjoys dance and hiking.

Chair of Outreach & Co-Founder

Josh Palmer

Josh is a Computer Science PhD candidate with a huge green thumb. He seeks to grow resilient communities around urban food forests, in order to mitigate climate change and the near-term collapse of industrial agriculture. He also loves to experiment in the kitchen and on the dance floor!