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Our minigames invite students to experiment with the effects of food choices on two different parts of the body: the blood vessels and the kidneys.


Food Selection

Students start the game by building a few meals a la carte style from a culturally-diverse food and beverage menu. They can see the nutrition facts update as they make their selections. What they choose here will impact the difficulty of gameplay in the following minigames.


Bad Blood

Students play a white blood cell defending red blood cells from being infected by viruses. They shoot the viruses with antibodies.

The more Vitamin C in the student’s food choices, the less viruses that spawn and the more power-ups they can collect!


Plaque Attack

Students use fiber to fight off plaque buildups in the artery!

The more unsaturated fat a student consumed, the more coins they can collect to obtain “super fiber” shots.

If a student ate too much added sugar, they’ll experience the Sugar Crush, which makes it harder to avoid plaque!


Captain Kidney

The students now play as Captain Kidney who filters waste out of the body. Their job is to block salts and viruses from entering the bloodstream, while letting good things like vitamins pass through.

They also have to avoid kidney stones, whose frequency and size depend on the amount of water the students consumed.


Each lesson includes information about a specific food group and a hands-on activity to apply student’s knowledge.

 Students can track and change food habits through iterative nutritional goal-setting.

Each lesson has been extensively reviewed by educators, nutritionists, registered dietitians, and public health experts.

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